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If you are here then you already know that you need to step up your game, and you have also realized that you need help with that… Don’t Worry, like you, we have helped many artists overcome the same challenges.

SMI Music has promoted music for over 10 years for independent artists and creators such as DJs, Singers, and Producers. We specialize in increasing your streaming and profit from the main digital platforms such as: FB, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

Be Smart…
Monetize your Art

Are you Monetizing your Music? I hope you are….

We are not here to tell you what to do, we want to help you with the how. Our Objective is to increase your audience consistently and exponentially with the correct strategy designed just for you.

Many of your colleagues are monetizing their art through all the major platforms. Are you? Call us now and let the streaming begin….

Smart Digital Marketing + Music Promotion

No one can argue that Digital Marketing is the primary way to promote music in this new era, and we know how to execute Smart Digital Marketing strategies developed to increase audiences and engagements. We will connect your art with the right demographic and create new audiences for you.


Service areas include:


Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Display Ads

Video Marketing

Analytics and Retargeting

Smart Playlist Placement

Want to be placed in one of our top Smart Playlists? Our passion for music goes beyond the obvious, we enjoy listening to all tracks submitted and place it where it belongs to get the streaming you deserve.

Our Playlists cover a variety of Genres, such as:

Hip Hop & Rap Playlists

Electronic Dance Music Playlists

Rock Playlists

Latin Music Playlists

*The playlist link will be provided as soon as your track gets placed.
We don’t ever send bots or any type of fake engagement. Our services fully comply with Spotify’s terms of service.

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